From a botanical heritage to a ‘Maison de Parfums’

It all started at the Couvent des Minimes, a majestic place founded in 1614 in the South of France where Louis Feuillée, famous botanist to King Louis XIV, lived. His crossing of continents in search of unique plants has left the Convent with the legacy of his remarkable travels. LE COUVENT pays homage to it, by perpetuating its botanical history through the first French brand of 100% Vegan Botanical Haute Parfumerie. Today Le Couvent is above all a team of perfumery experts, with the sole common objective: to offer original, qualitative and natural fragrances, at the fairest possible price.


Jean-Claude Ellena, one of the greatest perfumers in the world. Jean-Claude Ellena has been making his mark on the French Haute Parfumerie landscape for over fifty years. Its meteoric rise is based on a style of rare elegance, an olfactory signature with a subtle blend of purity and precision. To write the new chapters in the history of the COUVENT, he surrounded himself with simplicity and talent with a team of handpicked French perfumers.


Back to Basic

We have chosen to highlight the Essential: the Quality and Singularity of our fragrances. For us, a beautiful perfume is above all natural raw materials of the highest quality and a perfumer capable of magnifying them. We have selected raw materials from France and Europe, sometimes much further away, always favoring natural ingredients from sustainable agriculture. To sublimate them, we have chosen to collaborate with one of the greatest perfumers: Mr Jean-Calude Ellena who is a true master perfumer artist recognized worldwide.



All our compositions are 100% French. We collaborate with formulation laboratories located in Grasse, the cradle of global perfumery. The flagships of French industry, these partners are the symbol of French standards and know-how.


For a great quality

We have deliberately chosen to differentiate ourselves by moving away from the deceptive marketing methods of many perfume houses. This economy allows us to offer a real alternative to mass perfumery based solely on communication. We thus guarantee affordable prices without compromising on the quality of the natural ingredients that we select.

100% VEGAN

Le Couvent is a brand committed and labeled 100% Vegan by the British Vegan Society. Being vegan means refusing all animal exploitation, whether in our food or in all the products we consume (products tested on animals). We are concerned about respecting animals and the planet because raising animals for our consumption is the greatest source of destruction of our environment and of the planet: deforestation, pollution, depletion of water reserves, disappearance of resources… it is a duty for each Terran to ensure that future generations are left with a living and healthy planet, where resources will continue to be able to make the human species and animal species coexist.