BOTANICAL CARE DUO 草本護理套裝 – Gardinarius 潤手霜 30ML+ Amorem 護唇霜 15G


In a pretty package tied with a grosgrain ribbon, here is the perfect Duo for hands and lips of great softness. Rich and melting textures to nourish, soothe and protect the skin of desiccated hands and lips thanks to their botanical formulas rich in Shea Butter.

Up to 99% Materials of Natural Origin.

Sulfate Free – Paraben Free – Silicone Free. 100% Vegan

This box contains Gardinarius Hands Balm 30ml and Amorem Nourishing Lip Balm 15g.

About Creative fragrance direction of Jean-Claude Ellena

Jean-Claude Ellena, one of the greatest perfumers in the world. Jean-Claude Ellena has been making his mark on the French Haute Parfumerie landscape for over fifty years. Its meteoric rise is based on a style of rare elegance, an olfactory signature with a subtle blend of purity and precision. To write the new chapters in the history of the COUVENT, he surrounded himself with simplicity and talent with a team of handpicked French perfumers. Jean-Claude Ellena has created fragrances for several major perfume houses including Hermès, Bulgari, Frédéric Malle, L’Artisan Parfumeur, Van Cleef & Arpels. In 2004, he was appointed by Jean-Louis Dumas and Véronique Gautier, to be Hermès’s exclusive in-house perfumer.

這是用羅緞緞帶綁起來的漂亮包裝,是手感和嘴唇柔軟度完美的完美組合。 富含乳木果的植物配方,滋潤而軟滑的質感可以滋養,舒緩和保護乾燥的雙手和雙唇的皮膚。

高達 99% 天然成分。

不含硫酸鹽,不含防腐劑,無添加矽,100% 純植物製品。

套裝包含 Gardinarius 潤手霜 30 毫升 1 支,Amorem 護唇霜 15 克 1 支。


Jean-Claude Ellena 乃是國際之名的調香師。在法國高級香水界享負盛名,累積逾 50 年的經驗。他的成名基於別樹一格的優雅風格,嗅覺特徵以及純淨與精準的手法巧妙融合香氣。為了撰寫 COUVENT 歷史上的新篇章,他選擇簡約,並與一群精挑細選的法國調香師合作。Jean-Claude Ellena 曾効力多個高級品牌,包括 Hermès、Bulgari、Frédéric Malle、L’Artisan Parfumeur 及 Van Cleef & Arpels。2004 年獲 Jean-Louis Dumas 和 Véronique Gautier 任命,Jean-Claude Ellena 成為 Hermès 獨家內部調香師。