PORTO BELLO GIFT SET – Remarkable Perfume 50ml + Louis Feuillee candle 70g


Le Couvent reinvents its gift sets and honors a Botanical Jungle. A collection as a journey into lush nature. A new olfactory adventure is written at the breath of the harbour of Porto Bello, in the heart of Panama Bay, sensual and captivating. The bitterness of the sweet orange mingles with the sensuality of notes of Woody Incense, and turns gourmet and enveloping.

This set contains the PORTO BELLO Remarkable Perfume 50ml and the Singular Candle Louis Feuillee 70g.

Le Couvent 重塑禮盒,授予植草本叢林之名,作為展開大自然青蔥之旅的系列。全新的香氣探索之旅以巴拿馬灣的 Porto Bello 的海灣為創作主軸,感性而迷人。略帶苦澀香調的甜橙與木質調完美融和,誘發馥郁,圓滿,優雅氣息。

禮盒包含 PORTO BELLO 卓越香水 50 毫升 1 瓶,LOUIS FEUILLEE 蠟燭 70 克 1 瓶。


1. PORTO BELLO Sweet Orange & Woody Remarkable Perfume 50ml
A Woody Gourmand creation of Sweet Orange, Spices and Incense evoking the sensual and captivating Panama Bay. This singular composition has been crafted according to the traditions of French Haute Parfumerie, using only the finest precious primary ingredients inspired by the travels of the botanist Louis Feuillée.
– 100%* Vegan perfume
– 18% Concentration
– Collection developed in Grasse
– Up to 86%** Materials of Natural Origin
*100% Le Couvent products are registered with the Vegan Society
**Calculated according ISO 16128 regulations – % natural components across the whole range of ‘Parfums Remarquables’

2. Louis Feuillee Candle 70g
Essence of Ciste & Cedar – Inspired by the Royal Library, this candle mixes cedar with the dry and resinous smell of Amber Cistus. The scent of leatherwork blends with the fragrance of velvety and slightly vanilla paper.
– 100% Vegan Scented Candle
– Made with Natural Essences
– Vegan Wax – Cotton Wik – 50 Hours Combustion
– 12% Concentration
– Design in Grasse

About LE COUVENT’s Creative Fragrance Director
Jean-Claude Ellena, considered one of the greatest perfumers in the world. Jean-Claude Ellena has been making his mark on the French Haute Parfumerie landscape for over fifty years. To write the new chapters in the history of the COUVENT, he surrounded himself with simplicity and talent with a team of handpicked French perfumers. Jean-Claude Ellena has created fragrances for several major perfume houses including Hermès, Bulgari, Frédéric Malle, L’Artisan Parfumeur, Van Cleef & Arpels. In 2004, he was appointed by Jean-Louis Dumas and Véronique Gautier, to be Hermès’s exclusive in-house perfumer.

1. PORTO BELLO 甜橙焚香香水 50 毫升
廣泛採取甜橙,多種香料和香木為原料創造出一種富有巴拿馬風情的香水。延續法國皇室香水的傳統,此系列的主要成分受植物學家 Louis Feuillée 的香氣旅程啟發,珍貴的香水成分經嚴格挑選,帶您進入高級訂製的香水世界。
– 100%* 純素
– 18% 濃度
– 此系列於在格拉斯開發
– 高達 86%** 的天然材料
*100% Le Couvent 產品已在純素協會 ( Vegan Society)註冊
**根據 ISO 16128 規定計算 – 整個 “Parfums Remarquables” 範圍內的自然成分百分比

2. LOUIS FEUILLEE 岩玫瑰和雪松蠟燭 70 克
– 100% 純素香薰蠟燭
– 自然成分
– 純素蠟 – 棉縷 – 50 小時燃燒
– 12% 濃度
– 格拉斯設計

關於 LE COUVENT 創意香水總監
Jean-Claude Ellena,LE COUVENT 創意香水總監,被譽為最偉大的調香師之一,累積逾 50 年的經驗,在高級香水界享負盛名。為了撰寫 LE COUVENT 歷史上的新篇章,他選擇簡約,並與一群精挑細選的法國調香師合作。 Jean-Claude Ellena 曾効力多個高級品牌,包括 Hermès、Bulgari、Frédéric Malle、L’Artisan Parfumeur 及 Van Cleef & Arpels。2004 年獲 Jean-Louis Dumas 和 Véronique Gautier 任命,Jean-Claude Ellena 成為 Hermès 獨家內部調香師。