5 Outstanding Perfumes

Santa Cruz, Porto Bello, Valparaiso, Smyrna, Fort Royal, around the world, the botanist Louis Feuillée, through 5 Parfums in nomadic format that retrace the atmosphere of its legendary stopovers. Noble creations, based on exceptional natural materials, developed in the tradition of the Haute Parfumerie Française. 100% Vegan.

This pack contains 5 remarkable perfumes in 10ml format




5 Outstanding Perfumes

Porto Bello, bewitching: Oranges and Incense Wood from Panama Bay
Valparaiso, wild: with scents of Cedar and Vetiver on the wooded coast of Chile
Santa Cruz, solar: sun-kissed Lemon and Eucalyptus trees from the Canary Islands
Smyrna, voluptuous: the trail of Roses and Black Pepper in Turkey
Fort Royal, gourmand: Wild berries mixed with the resin of Benzoin in the Caribbean Islands
Find the wonderful sensations of our 5 Remarkable Parfums in nomadic format.